Hi, I'm August Bradley. My primary efforts are focused on:

>> Coaching/Consulting on performance processes for businesses and ambitious individuals.

>> Teaching a popular Notion Course on building a personal Life Operating System called Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults (PPV).

>> Running an active life enhancement online membership community.

>> Writing the Mind & Machine Newsletter (20k+ subscribers) on enhancing human performance.

>> Producing the Notion Productivity Systems YouTube show (30k+ subscribers).

>> Hosting the popular Mind & Machine Podcast/YouTube show on the science and technology of enhancing human capability.

    Known for his "Systems Thinking" approach and use of innovative tech, August combines 25 years of startup and major brand experience with Harvard MBA training.

    Previously August was the COO of Kite & Lightning, a prominent VC-backed immersive media and mixed reality company creating vast AI-driven computer-generated worlds and interactive experiences in virtual space.

    Over his career, August has provided creative and strategic solutions to leading brands including Coke, Xbox, Kia, Gap, J.Crew, Banana Republic, and many more.

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/augustbradley