Genomics, Genomic Sequencing and Human Genome Medicine with Lisa Alderson

Mind & Machine Show

The Human Genome Project was a 15 year multi-billion dollar scientific research effort to map all the genes of the human genome — the code in our DNA that programs humans. The purpose was to understand the physical and a functional role of each gene. Now anyone can have their genome mapped for under a thousand dollars, and with that mapping open a window into their genetic programming.

My guest today is Lisa Alderson, the CEO and co-founder of Genome Medical — a fast growing company in the emerging field of genomics. Genome Medical provides expertise to both individuals wanting to explore their DNA, and to health care providers wanting to offer genomic medicine. Prior to this, Lisa was the Cheif Strategy Officer of Invitae, a company bringing genetic information into routine medical practice.

We explore how genomic medicine will transform health care.

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