Future of Personalized Medicine via Microbiomes with Naveen Jain

Mind & Machine Show

My guest today is Naveen Jain, a billionaire entrepreneur with two exceptionally ambitious ventures underway. We're addressing his two ventures in two separate episodes.

In today's episode we discuss Naveen's effort to as he puts it "make illness optional" by establishing personalized medical care, prevention, and treatment through gut microbiome research and related medical advancements. His company, Viome, is understanding and eliminating human health problems arising from microbiome imbalances that could usher in an unprecedented level of personalized health care. It's a mind blowing look at a rapidly advancing aspect of medical research that could radically change health levels at all stages of life as well as extend lifespans.

My previous discussion with Naveen in the last episode was about Moon Express, his company that's racing to push the boundaries of space exploration.

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