Filter Music Video "Happy Together"

Music video and short film for the band Filter’s cover of the classic song “Happy Together”.

Shot & Directed by August Bradley
Producers: Dieterich Gray & Andrew Rayden
Executive Producer: David Kinsler
Production Company: GLASS Media Lab

Lead Actors:
Caleb Hunt
Lois Atkins

Camera & Lighting Assistants:
Conor May
Brendan Thomas

Hair & Makeup:
Sussy Campos

Wardrobe Stylist:
Patty Cruz
VFX Artist:

Brendan Thomas
Editing & Color Grading:
August Bradley

Assistant Director:
Sorin Brouwers

Horse Wranglers:
Lila Joy Ginsburg
Nadia Lane
Joe Lane

Bar Location Manager:
Todd Conner

Supporting Cast:
Daniella Arce
Lyndon Hoffman-Lew
Gabriel Alvarez
Timothy Aro
Al Burke
Burt Culver
Sein Gay
Dieterich Gray
Rod Ives
Jason Carlton Mercuri
Jes Selane
John Andrew Vaas

High Sierra Wild Horse Sanctuary
The Offbeat Bar
Juan Rodriguez and KGB
Arnold Castellanos