Los Angeles

I was born into a photography studio, grew up in darkrooms. Images would slowly form on paper out of nothing, fueled only by anticipation. It was magic.

Then I discovered moving pictures, and spent every waking second exploring, discovering, creating 24 image-per-second illusions.

I'm fascinated with light. What it reveals. What it conceals. I'm intrigued by how fleeting glimpses express more than full coverage.

Curiosity is my driving force and has led to deep exploration of graphic design, literary fiction, paint on canvas, 360 VR, fractals, sound design, and vintage tools to cite a few. I draw inspiration from a diverse range of disciplines.

I’m happiest on the hunt with similarly obsessive compulsive fanatics. The only sanity I have found is in the company of maniacs.


August Bradley is a Filmmaker, Photographer and Media Entrepreneur making a full range of commercials, branded content, entertainment, and interactive digital media.

Commercial clients have included KIA, Coke, Xbox, Nestle, The Disney Channel, ABC Family, and many more.

August's work has received the American Movie Awards "Best Music Video" prize, Hasselblad Masters award, Graphis Gold selection, bewilderment by the masses, and incoherent heckling by internet trolls.

He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, studied improv with the Groundlings, attended Traffic School under special invitation from the government, has fished for piranha in the Amazon River, climbed volcanoes in Ecuador, taken refuge in a Kyoto temple, and dangled out of a helicopter above the Acropolis — camera in hand, clutched tightly.